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 FASTRAK mandates new safety items in 2017!

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PostSubject: FASTRAK mandates new safety items in 2017!   Wed Oct 12, 2016 4:35 pm

To all Media Outlets
(Carnesville GA)

FASTRAK to mandate new safety items in 2017

The management, teams and weekly tracks are all in agreement to update the safety equipment of the FASTRAK late model teams in 2017. The series will mandate, 10lb fire system, window nets and safety checks on seat belts.

“It’s past time” stated series Founder Stan Lester. “When FASTRAK started I could not believe the people that did not run a fire extinguisher at all. The state of SC still doesn’t require one if I am correct. I can remember every time we went to South Carolina to race it was a huge uproar about fire extinguishers. I just couldn’t believe someone would get in a car and have nothing to protect them from fire at all. I guess I was naïve when it came to safety. People need to protect themselves if not for them, then for their families”.

FASTRAK is well known for being the trendsetter in racing. The crate engine late model touring racing was started by FASTRAK. The no grooving and siping tire rule was started by them. FASTRAK started the no metal wheel cover rule. It looks like now the safety equipment upgrades will be initiated by FASTRAK as well.

“We are not out here dreaming up things to make teams spend money” stated Lester. “People have died this year from different things and I am not going to be the person that has to call your wife, girlfriend or mother and tell them you have had something terrible happen because I didn’t do my part”.

FASTRAK announced to the teams that it was going to mandatory fire systems in June of 16. One thing FASTRAK did for the teams is to work with a company to get them a discount as a FASTRAK member plus there will also be several drawings at the National banquet for complete systems as well. “I would like to make this transition as easy as possible” said Lester. “It’s not any more costly than a set of tires. I thank our teams for listening to our advice and some went out and bought them right away and are already running them. Those guys understand we are looking out for them”.

“We are training our series Officials to be ready in the event of a fire. There will be a drawing in our 2017 rule book as to how and where we want the pull tab mounted” said Jim Carter of FASTRAK. “Our Officials will be trained in the dark with a bunch of chaos going on while they are finding the pull tab in a car. Our goal is to simulate the same type of pressure these guys will be under if something happens at the track. All series Officials will also have fire systems on their ATV’s. In addition our goal is to learn to use a fire blanket (or tent) so the Official can go in after a driver, cover him with the blanket and protecting the Official at the same time. When the tab on the fire system is pulled, the official steps back bringing the blanket with him”.
FASTRAK will also insert a new window net rule. “Sprint car window nets are what we prefer” said Carter. “They cost about $20 most places and could save a drivers life. They are small, hook to the cage so it’s easy to work around in the case of an accident or fire”.

FASTRAK will also mandate a seat belt check at every event. “Seat belts cannot be older than two years” stated Carter. “We do that now and have for years, but we will get a lot more stringent on it. A driver will get one written warning that he will have to sign, but that’s it. People also need to be aware of what they use on their belts to clean them. Never use purple power, simple green or cleaners that are acid based. That can make the threads brittle and cause the belts to fail. When you use those chemicals said Carter, you take all the elasticity out of the threads. Belts need to be able to give when you hit something hard. That’s doesn’t put so much stress on your body”.

FASTRAK will continue to improve and utilize additional safety equipment by the Officials and the teams.

www.fastrakracing.com and see us on twitter and face book

FASTRAK would like to recognize all the 2016 Marketing Partners. Hoosier Racing Tire, Chevrolet Performance Parts, VP Fuels “The official fuel of FASTRAK, ARP Bodies, Rocket Chassis, TNT Chassis
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FASTRAK mandates new safety items in 2017!
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