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CARNESVILLE, GA - As FASTRAK introduced the new spring and bump stop rule over the winter, several teams from both speedways didn't like the rule and therefore caused some controversy at both tracks in relation to the 2018 rule package. Therefore, both tracks have been "on hold" as to what to do. Until it is worked out the touring events have also been put "on hold". Not washed out altogether but put on hold. Both speedways were quick to say this morning, “Let’s not cancel anything else, let’s make sure we have all this worked out then move forward.”

We worked hard over the winter on changes in FASTRAK that we hoped would help people save money said Stan Lester of FASTRAK. We've talked to teams and tracks and although all of our other tracks were in complete agreement, teams from our local area obviously had some problems with the rule.

“I was disappointed,” said Lester, “but I also understand. This company has given back over $200,000 in point money to teams in this area alone over the years and over 4 million across the nation. I would really like for teams to think about that. Royce Bray won over $50,000 one year, Hot Rod LaMance won $50,000, David McCoy won $10,000 just a couple years ago for the National Weekly Championship and plenty of $5,000 checks have been awarded.”

Honestly, we thought we had done the right thing to help the smaller budget teams. We welcomed conversations with local teams in the area, but since many do not come to rules meetings, it makes it a little hard to know what people are thinking. Thats why we have rules meetings with tracks and the teams at our National Awards banquet every year and have since this company began. We want to know what teams’ objections or suggestions are and we work with those to adjust our rules accordingly. I wish more people would come to those and this could have easily been resolved. Everyone’s opinions are important in this company and we will work with you, but we cannot read people’s minds. All I wanted when I was racing is a series/governing body that would truly listen to us, the people spending the money, so we created a governing body that did just that, but we can't make people come to meetings. This is a place where every racers’ opinion matters. It only makes the series better and those that race in it.

“It’s not only FASTRAK that’s been looking at rules changes to springs, shocks, body rules, droop rules and a lot of changes,” said Lester, “I know we have shock builders and even some chassis companies working against us on this deal. That's pretty obvious. The prices for the series are cheaper than they have ever been. Memberships have been reduced for having separate memberships for the tour and weekly. Fees to the tracks have been cut by 70% when the recession hit, entry fees have been cut in half in some cases. We have done all we can on our end, so I would ask the racers, if we cut our fees, which obviously cuts our income, why are you upset with us over trying to save you money? Maybe we need to charge more again so people think it has more value? We even added $100,000 driver/team member/track official insurance programs now, so we as a company are trying hard to keep cost down, not just in suspension all the while not reducing point funds.”

At any rate, as close as the "timing" was, the tracks decided to cancel the events and once again that hurts our income. We are still working on making an "adjustment" to the rules to try to be more inclusive of other series rules, but keep in mind, everyone is changing things. It’s not just FASTRAK.

“Honestly, I look for both of these races to be made up once the rules are worked out and I do believe that will be the case. If nothing else, I will lease the tracks and do it myself. I really don't have a problem with it,” concluded Lester.

Check out the official website for the FASTRAK Racing Series at www.fastrakracing.com and continue to follow our social media networks for the FASTRAK Racing Series. Like and Follow our Fan Page on Facebook plus follow @FASTRAK_SE and/or @FASTRAK_MOV on Twitter to get up to the minute news and details as they become available.

The 2018 marketing partners for the FASTRAK Racing Series are Chevrolet Performance, Hoosier Racing Tire, VP Racing Fuel, FloRacing, Swift Springs, MyRacePass, TNT Race Cars, Arizona Sport Shirts, Simpson Safety Equipment, Rockauto.com, Dirt Late Model Magazine and Thomas Clarke Performance.

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